Senior English Courses
IMG_Senior 26.09.2016 General  -  General English courses, adapted to students over 50. 

UAB Idiomes Barcelona is a leading centre specialised in teaching language to older students. Since 2002 we have developed a methodology specifically suited to the needs of older students. We offer 15 courses, 10 levels from Beginners to Advanced, with a maximum of 15 students per group. We have about 150 students per year, of whom 98% recommends us. 

Our experience at UAB Idiomes is that the life experience, motivation to learn, and positive attitude of senior learners provide them with many advantages as language learners. 


If you don't have any knowledge of English, you can start from the Beginner level. And if you have some, you can test your level with us. We will inform you about our courses with no obligation on your part.  

Our administration office is open from Monday to Thursday from 9am to 8pm and Fridays until 7pm.

Please, check the courses information here.  

We also collaborate with Fatec, Federació d'Associacions de Gent Gran de Catalunya, which has 25 years of experience and is pioneer in promoting sociocultural tourism for older people.

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