Study guides

The information currently available corresponds to the subjects offered during the 2019/20 academic year. If you wish to consult the information included in a study guide not found on the list, please visit the Dipsit Digital de Documents.

The information on the languages used in each subject can be found in the study guide for each subject.

1st year

100506 - Accounting  CAT ESP ENG

100505 - Business Economics  CAT ESP ENG

100491 - Civil Law  CAT ESP ENG

100490 - Constitutional Law  CAT ESP ENG

100489 - Employment Law I  CAT ESP ENG

103500 - History of Social Law and Labour Institutions  CAT ESP ENG

100514 - Introduction to Economics  CAT ESP ENG

100488 - Mercantile Law  CAT ESP ENG

103501 - Psychology  CAT ESP ENG

100513 - Sociology of Work and Labour Relations  CAT ESP ENG

2nd year

100520 - Administrative Law  CAT ESP ENG

100521 - Business Organisation  CAT ESP ENG

100482 - Business Sociology  CAT ESP ENG

100499 - Employment Law II  CAT ESP ENG

100498 - Employment Law III  CAT ESP ENG

100494 - International regulations and European Community Social Law  CAT ESP ENG

100504 - Labour Economics  CAT ESP ENG

100502 - Socio-employment Policy  CAT ESP ENG

103503 - Tax Law  CAT ESP ENG

103502 - Work Psychology  CAT ESP ENG

3rd year

100524 - Business Strategies  CAT ESP ENG

100483 - Health and Safety at Work  CAT ESP ENG

100495 - Judicial and Extrajudicial Management of Labor Conflicts  CAT ESP ENG

100481 - Labour Relations Theory  CAT ESP ENG

100493 - Legal Organisation of Employment Health and Safety  CAT ESP ENG

100480 - Social Research Techniques  CAT ESP ENG

100501 - Social Security Law I  CAT ESP ENG

100500 - Social Security Law II  CAT ESP ENG

100476 - Techniques for Negotiating and Resolving Conflict  CAT ESP ENG

100496 - Trade Union Law  CAT ESP ENG

4th year

103958 - Bachelor's Degree Final Project  CAT ESP ENG


100497 - Employment Sanctions Law  CAT ESP ENG

103956 - Francoist Dictatorship and Transition to Democracy  CAT ESP ENG

100527 - Internal and Performance Audit I  CAT ESP ENG

105068 - Law and Technology in Labour Relations  CAT ESP ENG

100510 - Legal management of Company Diversity  CAT ESP ENG

100508 - Legal Regime for Foreigners and Transnational Labour Mobility  CAT ESP ENG

100507 - Legal System for Labour Relations in Government Organisations  CAT ESP ENG

100522 - Management of Human Resources  CAT ESP ENG

100523 - Management Roles and Responsibilities  CAT ESP ENG

100484 - Organisation, Qualification and Competencies  CAT ESP ENG

100492 - Social Protection Reinforcement  CAT ESP ENG

103959 - Work Placement  CAT ESP ENG