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Director: Poire Vallvé

The UAB Choir was born in the Faculty of Medicine in 1982, when a group of students and teachers took the initiative to create a choir under the direction of Baltasar Plans. Since then, the Choir has had a very close and active participation in the daily life of the University.

The repertoire throughout his career has been very wide and varied and ranges from the Renaissance to contemporary music. The dedication and dedication of the singers is high and, apart from rehearsal hours, they perform many performances throughout the year (both inside and outside the UAB) and usually participate in university choir meetings.

To join the Choir, you need to do an entrance test and a previous interview with the director.


Dates: from October 14, 2020 to May 31, 2021.

Rehearsal days and times: Mondays from 2.30 to 4.00 p.m. and Wednesdays from 2.45 to 4.15 p.m.

Validable for 5 ECTS credits (annual) or for 2.5 ECTS credits (semester).


If you want to know the operation of the UAB Music Classroom in general or the Choir and Chamber Choir in particular, connect virtually with its director, maestro Poire Vallvé, and you can listen and answer questions about its operation and proposals for the new course, entrance exams, credits and other workshops.

Informative session CLASSROOM OF MUSIC, CHOIR AND CHOIR OF CHAMBER: Wednesday, September 23 at 1:30 p.m. (in September we will inform about the virtual platform and the link to follow it).


CURRENT CHOIR MEMBERS who want to continue the next course only have to directly register and appear in the rehearsal the first day.

Open enrollment here / For members of the UAB (with NIU)

IMPORTANT! The automatic registrations are already open. To guarantee your place in the UAB Choir, it is important that if you want to continue participating, you must formalize your registration before September 20.

In case you want to be part of the Choir during the Second Semester you can register until February 28, 2021 (option subject to the availability of places).

NEW MEMBERS: PRE-REGISTRATION FOR PROOF OF ACCESS FROM SEPTEMBER 1 (if you pre-register before, the Culture En Viu team does not undertake to answer your emails)

Fill in all the fields of the following  PRE-REGISTRATION FORM CHOIR UAB

In the registration process you will need to attach:

- Musical training curriculum: short summary specifying the voice record (soprano, tenor ...), training and level of musical studies carried out and if you have experience in similar musical formations.

- Video / recording of your Audition / Entrance Test *


Given the uncertainty caused by the Covid-19, this year the entrance exams to the UAB Choir will not be carried out in person.

Send 2 videos or 1 with your mobile singing in mp4 format that contains:

- Presentation saying your name and surname

- A song that you like (approximately 1 minute)

- Mozart's Ave Verum * making your voice on the orchestral accompaniment.



To record you can put the accompaniment on a music device and record yourself with your mobile. Do some testing to see if the balance is right.


- Knowledge of musical language will be valued and, although it is not essential to know music theory, it is necessary to have a good ear and tuning ability.

- You must have previous experience as a member of other choral formations.

- You have to fill out the form and send the video with the entrance test.

- You must be willing to regularly attend the rehearsals and ask for some availability and time flexibility to act inside and outside the UAB.

To resolve any questions, we recommend that you attend the information session or contact


Attention! New: Members of our stable groups can register for the Viu la Cultura activity, recognized with 2 ECTS credits, free of charge, if the attendance to 16 cultural events programmed in the Theater Theater and the Cinema Hall of the UAB is accredited during the 2019/2020 course.