Interpretation: from the Rehearsal Room to the Stage

Interpretation: from the Rehearsal Room to the Stage

Imatge Teatre de la sala d'assaig a escena web

If you have already participated in a theater course and you want to continue learning, this activity will provide you with the theatrical performing tools that you need to perform a show. You will learn the basic skills necessary to go on stage by reading and interpreting texts, preparing scenes and creating characters.

Course information 2019/2020

Director: Arnau Vidal.
Dates of the course: from November 5th of 2019, to May 21st of 2020.
Days and rehearsal hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays .from 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm.
Price: UAB members 190€, others 250€.

It is recognized with 6 ECTS credits.
This course is taught mainly in Catalan/Spanish.

Online registration from September 12th to October 31th of 2019.


News! The members of our artistic courses have the opportunity to register for free in the Viu la Cultura activity, which is recognized with 2 ECTS credits if you certify the attendance of a minimum of 16 cultural activities planned at the Theater, the Cinema and the Exhibition Halls of the UAB.