New call now open for Industrial PhD programmes

Els Doctorats Industrials

Until 14 April, the Government of Catalonia opens its call for Industrial PhD programmes, which fosters the development of research projects within different types of firms and entities. The UAB participates in this programme since its first edition with 104 projects, of which 22 have already presented their PhD thesis.


In the Industrial PhD programme students will develop their research training within a firm or entity in collaboration with Catalan universities. At the same time, these projects will form part of each student's doctoral thesis.

Since the start of this plan, the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona has participated in 104 projects (17% of all projects), with 64 UAB researchers directing theses, 46 SGR groups involved and 22 PhD theses defended. In 2019, 15 projects were awarded to the UAB, which places it - alongside the UPC - as the university with the greatest number of research projects focused on bringing PhD students finalising their studies closer to the R&D&i reality of the Catalan industrial sector. The areas in which projects are mainly conducted are health sciences and biomedical sciences, social sciences and experimental and life sciences. Of all PhD student participating in the programme, 60% are women and 40% are men.

All those interested in participating in the 2020 call must fill in an online application form.



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