One more year of delegates at the UAB!

Delegats xifres

elCens, the UAB official registry for delegates, closes the academic year 2018/1029 with 636 members, the highest number since it was created on 2014.


Delegates are a key figure for the academic success of the degrees and, as a spokesperson for the academic group, are also a way to improve and promote a comprehensive model of education where students play a key role. These students representative are chosen at the beginning of the year by their group; then they are part of the faculty teaching committees, where the degrees are analysed and improvements are suggested, and keep constant contact with Community Involvement unit.

Most of these representatives are registered in elCens, the UAB official registry for delegates. This year closes with 636 members, 49 more than the previous year and the highest number since its creation of 2014. Regarding the academic groups, UAB has a total of 448, 85% of which have a delegate registered in elCens, and 4% have been created anew this year due to the increase in the number of degrees.

Analysing the numbers, one can appreciate gender parity in the number of delegates (56% women and 44% men), as seen in previous years. Also, 63% are delegates for the first time. Numbers indicate as well that an important part of elCens members are also part of other UAB representative bodies, such as Senate and Faculty Board.

During this year, a series of trainning session have been programmed for delegates, available for those who have been chosen for the firt time and for those who renew as representatives. These trainning sessions aim at giving the necessary tools for delegates to perform their main task: academic follow-up. Each month a new session has been offered, with various and different topics selected in base of the needs that delegates themselves have suggested; such as catalan universities scholarship system or gender issues in the classroom.

Community Involvement unit is commited to promote participation beyond the classroom, willing to consolidate the associative network and support student representation at university. Active participation at university helps the learning of key skills, outside the academic curricula developed at university. If you want to keep track of all the news about delegates and other student representatives you can follow us on twitter @comunitatuab.

You can check the numbers and figures of elCens, from this year and the previous ones, clicking this link.


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