The Library Service launches a website on the cycle of scholarly communication

Web on the Cicle of Research Communication

Through this new website, the Library Service, committed to its task of supporting teaching and research, wants to offer a series of resources and information that may be of interest to you as authors from the different phases of the cycle of creation of a publication and the subsequent management of the scientific production.


Universities play a key role in the most advanced research in the world, which is why we have found it important to strengthen the support we give to students and teaching and research staff. The Scholarly Communication website is the result of integrating and relating a whole series of resources and information designed to accompany you in the task of preparing a document and communicating the results of the research.

Structured sequentially in two large blocks, Creating a publication and Managing scientific production, it goes through the stages that every researcher goes through. The various sections in which each of the blocks are presented facilitate quick and accurate access to the information needed at any given time.

Below we describe the content of the blogs with their sections:

Create a publication

It presents the different stages of preparing a document, from the beginning of its writing to its dissemination:

  • Writing: How to sign, Identifiers, Affiliation, Document preparation, Editorial author rules, Elaboration of the doctoral thesis, Intellectual property and open access.
  • Cite: Citations and bibliography, Institutional Mendeley, Plagiarism, Intellectual Property and Open Access.
  • Publish: Choose where to publish, Good practices, Research data, Project requirements, DOI, Expert review, Intellectual property and open access.
  • Open publishing: UAB open access, DDD, Copyright, Intellectual property and open access, Open research data.
  • Disseminate: Social networks, digital identity.


Manage scientific production

The current system of evaluation and accreditation of research makes it necessary for authors to know how to manage the CVN, how authors and their publications are valued and how to maximize the visibility of scientific production:

  • Manage resume: How to generate CVN and others.
  • Evaluate authors: Know indicators of evaluation of authors (Index H, Citations received) and Altmetrics.
  • Assess publications: Support for the accreditation and evaluation of research with resources, indicators, areas of knowledge and agencies.
  • Scientific production: For researchers, groups, centers and research institutes, in the UAB Research Database, the DDD and the Portal de la Recerca de Catalunya.


You have the libraries at your service, we hope you find them useful!

Contact your reference library for more information.



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