The UAB chosen to participate in the Telespazio Technology Contest

Telespazio Technology Contest 2020

The Telespazio Technology Contest 2020 will feature technology projects created by students, graduates and researchers from some twenty universities, including proposals by the UAB. The objective is to promote the technological development of the most innovative ideas.


After the first edition, in which only Italian universities participated, this second edition of the Telespazio Technology Contest will include the participation of twenty universities from 15 different European countries, including the UAB. This is a unique opportunity to evaluate highly innovative proposals, presented individually or in groups, which seek to promote technological development in different areas.

The call for proposals is open to all university community members who have an idea or project related to this area of knowledge, whether that be students or graduates, or PhD candidates and researchers from the departments involved in the contest. Participants have until 31 October 2020 to register their projects, which can belong to different technological areas, such as geoinformation, cybersecurity, quantum communications or a variety of fields related to aerospatial technology, among others.

In the month of November, and once all proposals have been considered, a jury formed by delegates from Telespazio, Leonardo, the Italian Space Agency and the European Space Agency will choose the best projects. The chosen proposas will then opt for one of the two final prizes: : one in the Photon category, for the idea providing the most significant advancement in the aerospatial sector, and another in the Light category, to the project which best integrates innovative services into terrestrial land management. Each winning project will receive €5,000 and a special mention.

More information: Telespazio Technology Contest 2020

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