Majorana ICN2

The ICN2 and Microsoft expand partnership in quantum computing research

The ICN2 is expanding its collaboration with the global network of Microsoft Quantum Labs in furtherance of the goal of developing a scalable quantum computer - a vastly more powerful informatics tool based on radically different physics principles. The ICN2 laboratories will provide atomic-scale measurements, analysis, and modelling of new materials.

Salvador Ventura amb els membres del seu equip.

Crowdfunding campaign for new Parkinson's treatment

A UAB project to advance in the search for an effective therapy for Parkinson's disease has been chosen by the crowdfunding platform Precipita. Funding will go towards further studies of the SynuClean-D molecule, which has already proven to be efficient in stopping and reverting the neurodegeneration causing this disease in cell cultures and a simple animal model.

Planta de demostraciů de la tecnologia UHPH del CERTA-UAB

CERTA starts an innovative demonstration packaging plant for liquid foods

CERTA recently put into practice the first pilot and demonstration plant for the packaging of liquid foods treated with ultra high pressure homogenization (UHPH). This technology, the result of the university research, makes it possible to offer a more stable preservation of juices, dairy products wines and broth in cartons at room temperature and without using additives.

FEDER co-funded projects