Research Data Management

Research data

The objective of the UAB is to achieve maximum excellence in the area of research. An integrated system of management, exploitation and dissemination of research data is an essential element to be able to do this. The Data Management Unit is responsible for coordinating these processes.

Main tasks

• Development of technological tools for research management

• Collection of scientific production by UAB researchers

• Analysis and exploitation of research data

• Dissemination of research data

Services to the community

• Advice to researchers in the use of the EGRETA application

• Support to department in the Fènix application

• Introduction of the Standardised Curriculum Vitae at the UAB

• Research reports for UAB departments and services

• Search for experts and research groups using key words

• Development of Bibliometric Tools

• Dissemination of information about calls for papers



  Head of Unit: Rosa Fàbregas Estrada


  Telephone:  +34 93 581 4216

  Edifici Rectorat, Door A-1066