Registration: Subsequent years

Below you will find information on how to register online for PhD studies at UAB. There are 4 simple steps:

  1. Online registration
  2. Calendar and annual review of which you have to register
  3. Prices and methods of payment
  4. Check the Frequently Asked Questions


Each year you have to register for the PhD, as long as you passed the annual progress review for the previous year and this appears on your academic transcript. (See your academic transcript). Remember that your user name is your NIU or NIA code (which are the same).

If you do not register during the established period it is assumed that you have left the PhD programme and you will forfeit your right to admission and to a place.

You can register by clicking on the following link:

PhD online enrolment

Below is a short video tutorial to show you how to register on line:

Video tutorial to show you how to register on line

(Vídeo in catalan, working on translation)

If you do not have a password to register, you can get one at the ‘Password management’section.

You can check if your device settings is appropriate to formalize the self-enrollment by clicking this link.

Remember that for registration or any other online procedure with the UAB you can use any computer with an internet connection. You may experience problems connecting to external websites if you are using a corporate computer. Check that your workplace has computers with free website access. If you have any problems you can check the technical requirements at this link.

NEW! When you register on line you can also manage your direct debit payments from a Spanish or European bank account, or a bank payment card. Payment using a bank card can be made even if you are from outside the European Union. If you choose this option remember to choose the Point of Sale (POS) option on the fees payment screen.
Payment by bank transfer is not accepted.

If you are a PhD student from abroad and you have to renew your residence permit, you can still register on line. To renew your residence permit  you will be asked for a printed copy of the online-registration document and a copy of proof of payment of the fees either by direct debit or by bank card.  

If you are unable to register on line because you are a grant holder or have some other kind of financial aid (see the conditions in this document, you need to do in person to the School for Doctoral Studies. Remember that you need to make an appointment. You can also authorise somebody to register for you. . You must provide written authorisation indicating the person who will register for you and attaching a copy of your identity document (DNI, NIE or passport). That person must make a general appointment (not an appointment to register for the first year) to be seen to register for you and must indicate your full name.

Appointment request to Doctoral School

If you have problems registering for the first year of the PhD in person, please contact (closed in August) (if you send an email, you must identify yourself by indicating your ID / passport, NIU, name and surname).


Registration calendar

  • 16 July to 30 November. 

You must register for the annual review as a subject using the following codes:

Annuel review Annual review code
Second 69502
Third 69503
Fourth 69504
Fifth 69505
Sixth 69506
Seventh 69507

Fees: for the academic year 2019-2020, the cost of the fees is as follows:

  • The total amount is  €542.04.
    The fees include:
    • Supervision, tuition and continual assessment of the doctoral thesis: €401.12
    • Management of the academic record: €69.80
    • Specific and management services for learning: €70.00
    • Insurance:
      • Scholarly (obligatory for 28 years or under): €1.12

The School for Doctoral Studies recommends that if you are planning periods of research outside the UAB you should take out additional complementary insurance (not included in the fees described above). Complementary insurance is a service offered by the university to cover accident and travel insurance and is available to all students registered at the UAB. If you wish to take out complementary insurance you must do so at the time of registration. If you are thinking of taking part in an exchange programme outside Spain or you are spending a research period abroad you should take out complementary mobility insurance.

Important! When you register online you need to decide whether to opt for the following payments: SAF, Fundació Autònoma Solidària and Complementary Insurance. If you do you just need to select them. You do not need to select the other fees which appear on the screen.

If you are a grant holder, check that the information about your grant appears in the “Type of grant” section of the Registration Payment tab. If you have any other kind of fee reduction (large family card or registered disabled) check that this information appears on the Registration Payment tab. You can check the prices that apply in this document (in Catalan). If your scholarship is not related in this table, you will have to pay the registration fee (the PhD students of CONACYD -Mexico- must pay the registration fee).

If you are the holder of a large family card issued by the Government of Catalonia which you have renewed in the last year, and you have not provided us with it, you need to send a copy before registering to ed.matrí (if you send an email, you must identify yourself by indicating your ID / passport, NIU, name and surname).

If your large family card was not issued by the Government of Catalonia or you have any other documents accrediting a reduction in the cost of  the registration fees, please send an attested copy to the following address 15 days before registering:

Atenció a l'Usuari
Doctoral School
Floor 3 - U Building
Travessera de Can Miró, s/n - Campus UAB
08193 - Bellaterra (Barcelona)

Methods of payment: To pay the registration fee by bank card or by direct debit from a Spanish or European bank account. If you wish to pay by direct debit please fill in and send us this document, (SEPA) if you have not already done  so or if any of your bank details have changed. We recommend that you let your branch know that we will be charging the registration fees to your account. It is also important that once you have registered you have sufficient funds in your bank account as you will be charged from the same day on which you register. You will probably receive an email reminding you that the charge will be made to your bank account.

If you opt to pay in three payments you must register before 30 October by direct debit from a Spanish or European bank account.

For more information about payment methods, payment dates, etc. please click here.

Once you have registered if you do not make full payment of the fees you will be charged a surcharge on the next payment. See here the consequences of non-payment of fees.

If your fees are being paid by a third party (company or institution) we can issue an invoice for this third party. To do this, you have to submit, at the time of the face-to-face registration, this invoice request, indicating your personal data and the data of the company or institution. If this is the first time you request an invoice from the UAB, you must also fill, in typescript, in this document. In the case that the institution is the ICMAB, the Computer Vision Center or the ICN2, it is not necessary to provide any of these documents.

If you have already paid the registration fee and need an invoice for a company or institution, you can request it by mail to (you mus identify yourself by indicating your ID / passport, NIU, name and surname), indicating your personal data and the data of the company or institution in this invoice request (it is essential to fill in all the data requested by the document in order to manage it). If this is the first time you request an invoice from the UAB, you must also fill, in typescript, in this document.

If your registration fees are being paid in full or in part by one of the cost centres of the UAB you must bring documents to accredit that you are the beneficiary. For more information please contact the coordinator of your PhD programme.

Optional services at the UAB that you can pay for when you register:

  • Physical Activity Service (SAF)
    You can sign up for the physical activity service when you register except if you are a new student or you have a contract with the University Village. The monthly payments are charged by the SAF by direct debit to your bank account. To get your SAF membership card  you need to go personally to the SAF office before 31 December with proof of registration and your bank details. If you want to cancel your membership after registering any payments made will not be returned. You can find more information at the SAF website.

  • Fundació Autònoma Solidària (FAS)
    You can make a voluntary contribution of €15 for activities of solidarity and cooperation for development. You can find more information about the 0.7% campaign and the projects of the foundation at the website of the Fundació Autònoma Solidària.

Other optional services offered by the UAB which you can sign up for once you have registered: for the PhD:


Table of grants: groups, documentation and self enrollment (in Catalan) (PDF, )
Billing Request - Escola de Doctorat (Microsoft Excel related file, )
Debtors Maintenance (customers) - Doctoral School (Microsoft Excel related file, )
PhD Administrative Services Fees 2019-2020 (PDF, )
PhD Administrative Services Fees 2018-2019 (PDF, )

  1. If I choose to pay by direct debit when will the fees be charged to my account?
    Once the registration process is complete the fees will be charged to your account either during the same week or the next.
    If you have not been charged  with a Spanish bank account after 15 days from the date of registration, please contact us at (if you send an email, you must identify yourself by indicating your ID / passport, NIU, name and surname).

  2. What if I want to modify the period allowed for my studies?
    If you want to modify the period allowed  for completion of the PhD you can do so after you have registered for the first time. See this section.

  3. I am a first-year PhD student. What is the calendar for registration?
    If you were admitted before 1 October you must register before 31 October. You can also register in July if you were admitted before June.
    If you were admitted after 1 October you have a maximum on one month to register.
    See the first year appointments.

  4. When I try to do the self-registration I get the message: 'without appointment'. What should I do?
    This means that your annual review has not yet been evaluated. Try again, after a week. You can previously consult your academic record, to verify that you have informed the qualification, in Access your academic record.