Viu a la UAB

The Rector's Corner

Dear friends,

On behalf of the university community, I would like to welcome you to the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), an institution with 50 years of academic history. Teaching and research have always been—and remain—the mainstays of our university, one that cooperates in the generation of knowledge and provides tools for contributing to the construction of the present and the future of our society.

It is in this respect that the UAB acts as a driving force for society, since we believe that the development of a country depends to a great extent on education. For this reason, our university has—as a central objective—the wish to work towards the creation of advanced societies as regards education, culture, wealth and prosperity and, above all, in terms of consolidating rights and freedoms. Ours is an institution that participates in the process of constructing a national project in which knowledge is harnessed to serving the needs of all citizens, and to the exercising of their rights. Yet, at the same time, it works to ensure that interaction among its members is carried out with justice and fairness.

This university is committed to an education that promotes the empowerment of students; an education in which academic spaces are—with the participation of the teaching staff—understood as generators of a critical conscience; of response and of assertions of transformation; of motivation for people who are the protagonists of their own future.

The path taken by the UAB from the past to the present is the upshot of a DNA in which the values of a public institution that manifestly defends social rights and obligations are inscribed; an institution with an emphatic sense of the democratic, firmly rooted in its national territory, with an academic level of excellence and with the capacity for innovation and research of the highest quality.

This is an institution that, honouring its DNA of a quality public university, has developed bachelor’s degrees and postgraduate degrees in distinct areas of knowledge (the humanities, the social sciences, the pure sciences, biosciences, engineering, and health sciences). All our degrees are adapted to the European Higher Education Area and comprehend over 80 bachelor’s degrees and more than 130 master’s degrees and postgraduate programmes. This offers students advanced education and training, directed towards both professional specialisation and the initiation of research in all areas of knowledge, with a clear commitment to internationalisation and to the professionalising character of such an education. 

For the quality of its teaching, for its excellence in research and for its solid level of knowledge and technology transfer, the UAB has consolidated itself as one of the foremost university institutions in Spain, attaining positions of significance in international rankings. In turn, this establishes the UAB as one of the finest generators and transmitters of knowledge both in Spain and in the world at large.

The members of this university work to promote an institution in which people are the centre of the decisions that are taken. We run the UAB with people and for people, and we make transparency, participation and dialogue the basis for all decision-taking. These decisions are integrated within a university project that is common to and shared by all of us; it is a project from which nobody should feel themselves excluded.

I hope that your stay in the UAB will bring you a sense of pride in belonging to this institution and that it will allow you to develop comprehensively as people and as professionals.

Margarita Arboix
Rector of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona