Institut de Recerca de l'Esport

The UAB creates the Sports Research Institute

The UAB recently created the Sports Research Institute, a markedly interdisciplinary institute bringing together different lines of research, training and knowledge transfer related to the world of sports practised at the UAB.

Recerca de l'INc-UAB

Immune system cells contribute to the invading capacity of brain tumours

An article published in the journal Brain Communications, coordinated by Carlos Barcia, researcher at INc-UAB, describes how the immune system facilitates the expansion of tumour cells in the brain. The study was performed on human samples of glioblastoma, the most aggressive brain tumour, and on cell culture models.


3Q Anne Cheng

"The name Confucius was invented by the Jesuit missionaries"

Interview with French Sinologist Anne Cheng, the UAB's newest honorary doctor, proposed for the award by the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting.